Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome to Queenstown...errrr...Christchurch?

So our trip to Queenstown proved quite the adventure. We left from Auckland at 9 AM on Saturday and were due to land in Queenstown at 10:50 AM. Apparently Jetstar (the airline we were on that has only been operating in NZ for about a week) doesn't have the right navigation to land without full visibility in Queenstown and since there was low cloud cover--we were out of luck and were diverted to Christchurch. (and by the way--Liam was on his worst behavior ever--he was that screaming uncontrollably two year old for basically the last half hour of the trip. Poor thing was just beyond tired and couldn't fall asleep so he turned into crazy irrational boy. All we could do was apologize to everyone around us profusely!)

Upon arriving in Christchurch we were told to go to baggage claim and they would let us know what we needed to do there. Of course we get there and there is no one to be found. When my mom finally finds someone to ask, they tell us to go to the end of the terminal and there would be someone there that would tell us what to do. So we walk and walk to the end of the terminal where a woman who works for Jetstar waves us outside and points us to some buses. So we think- okay--are they taking us to another terminal? Oh no--the woman next to the buses tells us to get on and we ask--uh to where? Oh to Queenstown of course. WHAT?!! Queenstown, mind you, is an 8 hour bus trip from Christchurch!! So of course we ask the most important questions--when do we eat? are there snacks on the bus? Oh we will be stopping in 4 to 5 hours or so. WHAT?? That will be 5 pm...and we left at 9 AM..and we have a tired, grumpy, two year old, people!! So to say the least, we tell them they need to wait a few minutes so we can change a diaper and grab some snacks or something.

Seeing the bright side in this--we did get to see some beautiful scenery and the weather (ironically) was beautiful the vast majority of the trip. Liam got his nap soon after we got on the bus and was back to his sweet self the whole time. The ironic thing was that before the trip I had considered flying into Christchurch and doing the road trip (over two days) to Queenstown with stops along the way, but opted against it. I ended up getting the abbreviated, no scenic stop, version after all. =) I took a lot of pics which I will add once back in Auckland but they are all through the bus window as it drives by!

We finally arrived and got to our great 2 bedroom apartment, which has proved to be perfect for us, and the rest of the trip has been amazing so no complaints here! It just started a little off plan.

I will tell you all about it, and include some beautiful pics, once we get back to Auckland (I failed to bring my camera cord so I can't upload any pics until we are back to our NZ home)!

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