Friday, June 5, 2009

100% lazy day

So yesterday (Friday) we did....absolutely nothing. I think all of the walking we have been doing just wore us down so we pretty much just spent the day around the house reading, doing laundry, etc. Jess (the nanny) stopped by so we could give her the "tour" which took about 1 minute. Also, I went to Foodtown to pick up some stuff for dinner (New Zealand greenshell mussells) while Liam and Josh went over to the little park next to the Arena by our house but that is it. I started reading Auckland's equivalent of D Magazine so I could get to know the city better =). Next up will be New Zealand's Womens Weekly which is basically NZ's version of US Weekly (although probably a little closer to Star in that you can only believe about half of what you read in there). Meanwhile back home my US Weekly's will be piling up and losing relevance by the minute--at least Courtnye can enjoy the July editions!

Liam is finally getting back to normal sleep-wise. Thursday night he only woke up once at 3 AM and fell back asleep on his own and then managed to sleep until almost 7 AM. He also took a good 3 hour nap on Friday (one of the nice things about being around the house). Last night he didn't wake up once and he and Josh are both still asleep and it's after 7AM. As you can see, I was up early as usual but I don't mind since these are the new hours I'm going to have to keep for work. I have a 5:30 AM call on Tuesday (that at least I will take from home). Jess will be working 7 to 5 Tuesday to Friday and 8 to 6 on Monday (since that is the one day I get a break since it is Sunday in the States). I'm going to miss being home with Liam and Josh but both Josh and I have to work sometime! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Alicia said...

I just changed my blog layout to list the recent updates on the blog list I read. I saw that you had an update, and wow! How amazing to get to spend a couple of months in NZ!
I hope you guys have an incredible time, and I look forward to reading all about it.

Courtnye said...

And you better believe I will be reading every single one of them! I can't wait.