Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pop a bunny

Okay so it's been a pretty standard work week with not too much exciting going on (except that we are in New Zealand!) but I did have to share Liam's new fav phrase. So apparently here in NZ (pronounced en-zed) another way to say "you tooted" (as is often the case with Liam) they say "you popped a bunny". Hilarious. So now of course Liam keeps running around tellimg us "I pop a bunny!" followed by shrill laughter. What a crack up (at least he thinks he is!)

Josh will be experiencing a true New Zealand winter night tomorrow---he'll be heading to a rugby game! We will all go as a fam sometime soon also but just Josh and I were going to try to go tomorrow with some of the docs he's working with. Unfortunately Jess isn't available (she tried a few friends but no luck) so no babysitter. That's okay though since as Josh says "you're usually in bed by 8:30 anyway". That's an exaggeration by the way--but it is true that I tend to hit the sack a heck of a lot earlier than my night owl ways so that I can be up by 5 or 5:30. I'm still shocked at myself that I've been able to pull that off--I've never been much of an early AM person!

I'll make sure that Josh takes notes so that I know what the heck is going on when we see the rugby matches on TV--I find it very confusing! And maybe he will even take some pics so I can post here!

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