Monday, June 8, 2009

Observations on New Zealand and our life here

Alright--I'm back to the grind. Today was my first day back at work and it was Josh's first day at Auckland City Hospital. He of course isn't home yet--I'll let him tell you about his day when he gets a chance (not that I expect he will actually be willing to write anything on this blog!) I have to say--Monday is my new favorite day. I expect it will be the day when I cram to get all the real work done since it is the day I'm guaranteed to not get many interruptions since it is Sunday in the US (and yet I still emailed back and forth with quite a few people today--that's McK for you =)) Liam seemed to do well with Jess--he got a little upset right before I was about to leave and wanted me to "hold" and give me a hug but once he got that--he was good to go. Sounds like he had a day full of fun--Madagascar and playing with the doggy at Jess's house followed by a trip to the park. He was so excited he didn't take a nap apparently. You wouldn't know it though since he is bouncing off the walls right now--he clearly enjoyed his day!

Since telling you about my day at work isn't very exciting---I thought I'd offer a few early observations on life in New Zealand. I will add others as I see and think of them over the next few weeks.

1) I don't know if it's a rule or what, but all of the wine bottles sold in the grocery store (and there is an extensive wine section) have screw tops...and I love it. Both because I feel like it keeps the wine better between servings and because it meant it was one less thing I had to buy for the apartment (no cork screw here--along with many other things--I already had to purchase a casserole dish and a chopper. It's also killing me not to have a food processor or blender---mom do you think you could fit one of those in your bag? Just kidding...sort of)

2) I have become a clean freak. This is what being in a small apartment does. It has to be clean for it to feel reasonably comfortable. That's fair warning for everyone coming to visit.

3) Black carpet doesn't show stains but it does show crumbs. Given number 2--this has proven to be a major issue--I am constantly feeling the need to vaccuum.

4) Maids in New Zealand likely have bad backs. At least they do if they are using the same vaccuum I am. I have to crouch over the whole time I use it. Painful.

5) Aucklanders think 50 degrees is "freezing". It makes me smile everytime someone comments on how it's too bad the weather is so "cold" for us.

6) A "short" coffee is not a small coffee. "Short" is just code for "so strong you will only want two swallows so we will make it really tiny". Basically a couple of shots of espresso--blechhh.

Those are top of mind right now but I will definitely be adding more!

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erica said...

woo who! can't wait & u know i'll be cleaning w/ u - it's pure therapy to my OCD quirks!