Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our trip to Hawaii

So I am finally updating the blog and I'm starting by sharing a few pics from our trip to Kauai (2 months ago!) It was Josh and I's first real vacation together in almost two years! It was hard being away from Liam for a week but we knew he was in good hands with his Mimi (my mom.) Unfortunately, Mimi got more than she bargained for when Liam got his first major cold plus an ear infection in each ear two days before we left. Then, to top it all off, the cat got sick too. So at 8 am the morning we flew out, I was at the vet's office trying to get them to see poor Abby without an appointment so that she could get her much needed kitty meds! Thankfully, despite all that--all seemed to go well in our absence. Although I'm pretty sure mom was ready to have a full night's rest again once we got back and took our sick baby off her hands! So enjoy a few of our pics and I would highly recommend Kauai as a vacation spot if you want a combo of a "lay around on the beach" vacation (Josh's style) and a "Do some fun things" vacation (my style.)

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