Sunday, January 13, 2008

At long last....updates!

So after a couple months away, I have finally done a bulk update! You'll need to scroll down all the way to the "Hawaii" post if you want to see all of the new ones. As for a general Liam update....he is crawling around like speedy gonzalez these days! Starting to pull up although no real "cruising" yet. He also finally has some teeth! He started getting both of his two bottom teeth right around 11 months. His first birthday is right around the corner which means a couple of things: 1) He gets a new view of the world when we finally turn his car seat forward 2) He switches off formula and on to whole milk (we're already starting to mix in a little.)

In other Liam news, we were sad to say goodbye to his Nanny Carlene at the end of December. It was getting too tough for her to watch both Liam and Thomas. We're hopeful that Liam will still get to see her some when she babysits on occasion. Sadly, we were having trouble finding a nanny to watch both boys so we decided to split up Thomas and Liam. The Andrews' found a great nanny and we also found a great nanny to watch Liam temporarily (she lives too far to do it long term.) And in a couple of months, Liam will start going to day care 3 days a week (with the other 2 days spent with his GiGi.) We think it will actually be a good thing for Liam since we'd like him to adjust to being around other kids more (and not always being the center of the world!) but he'll still get plenty of one on one time with his GiGi and with us on the weekends.

On the general Gary front, my job is still going great and I'll actually be headed to Austria in a month to be on faculty for a training program. It will be a lot of fun but I'll miss Liam and Josh a ton! Josh just switched to the VA (after 6 months at Scottish Rite and Children's) and I have to say--call is much better!

That's all here!!

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