Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last pics from Queenstown

Okay--so to finally wrap up our trip to Queenstown (weeks later) Here are the last pics of our adventures there. Our last day was spent jet boating on the Shotover River (very cool and very cold--apparently about the coldest they've ever done it, because much colder and it ices over) followed by a quick trip to Arrowtown to wander through the shops. Then we stopped by the home of bungy jumping--where it all started (we opted to just watch not jump!) and then lunch and a tasting at a nearby vineyard.

Getting ready for Shotover Jet

On the boat

Liam really wanted to ride with us but this is as close as he could get!

The closest we got to bungee jumping!

The bungee jumper!

Who knew the fam had their very own store in Arrowtown!

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