Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Delayed pics--finally posting

Okay before I fill you in on the rest of our Rotorua trip and the awesome waterbottles in my next post--why don't I go ahead and at least share some pics from our trip to queenstown. The bulk of day 2 was spent doing a flightseeing trip to beautiful Milford Sound followed by a cruise through the sound. The plane trip over was awesome although I think mom found it a bit scary (we were in this tiny plane and at points felt like we were so close to the mountain that we could just jump out and go skiing!) The day was beautiful which is so unusual since it rains 300+ days a year in Milford Sound. We even managed to see some dolphins (we even saw a baby nursing underwater with his mom!) I'll let the pics speak for themselves:

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The Mitchells said...

met a friend of yours tonight...Keri Vanden Berge...we did VBS together this week.