Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moms Out Loud

Okay, okay--I know I've been a poor, poor blogger who doesn't keep her promises (how long ago did I commit to updating "this weekend"? Some teaser that was!) And I will fail to offer much in the way of Liam now as well, although I did at least save some new pics off of kodak photo gallery that my mom took and, I swear, I really will post soon!! (how bad is that--this is my first child and I already consistently forget to take pictures and therefore have to rely on getting the pics from my parents or in-laws)

But I'm taking the time to do a quick post now to let all of you moms out there know about my enterprising friend, Rebekah, and her vision. Some of you may have heard me talk about Rebekah. She was my boss at Frito (the best boss ever!) and I actually bought my house from her. This house alone is a testament to her vision (if you've ever had a chance to check out the before and after pics in my hallway.) I never would have been able to see that what was once a complete dump could become the amazing place I call home today--but Rebekah could! So now Rebekah is a mom to two and--as is the case with many natural entrepreneurs--she saw a need and set out to address it!

Rebekah saw a need to build a place where moms could connect--especially with moms they may already know and just not have enough opportunities to connect with. A place where moms could get info on local businesses that would be relevant to them--and from sources they could trust--other moms. was born! It's still in the early stages but signing up now allows you to be a part of something from the get go--and it's so fun to watch the idea grow! Plus you get to be a part of defining what MomsOutLoud can ultimately become.

Right now--the focus is Dallas/FortWorth, but of course, Rebekah's vision extends much further. To learn more--check out and become a beta mom (keep in mind that the site doesn't officially launch for another month, so at this time you can't use most of the features to come--but you can go ahead and sign up to be a part of it as a beta mom) You should also check out Rebekah's blog (listed in my friends' blogs list) at to learn even more about her vision for MomsOutLoud. I hope you'll have as much fun as I've been having living vicariously through my friend as she makes her dream a reality!

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