Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Updates--a teaser

Okay--I admit--I'm a horrible blogger. But for those devoted few who actually still check this now and again--I promise some real updates (at least picture updates) over the next weekend or so. There is so much to catch up on with Easter, Liam's Aunt Kaitlin's wedding, the first haircut and other good stuff! Here's a glimpse of pics to come....

Liam's new use for book shelves....

Wearing mommy's glasses

Liam in his favorite new spot (he always climbs in this thing!) Notice his "cheese" smile. This is definitely his "I'm a little ham" fake smile when he squints like that. I think he's trying to copy mommy's look =)

Liam's first haircut--so exciting and a little scary at the same time! But he looks so grown-up now!

Liam and Granddaddy on the boat at Horseshoe Bay. Liam is in the new lifejacket that Granddaddy bought him. This made for a much more enjoyable boat ride for all vs. the last time we tried this with another lifejacket that Liam found way too constricting!!


GibbonsFam said...

good thing you updated this!!! I was about to leave you a "UPDATE YOUR BLOG!" message. Liam is a cutie! I love his cheese smile!


The Mitchells said...

yeah for updates!! I can't believe how big he's getting!