Sunday, November 4, 2007

My little baby is growing up!

So I don't have any video--but I'll add it soon. My sweet baby is crawling! Just in time for his 9 month doctor's appointment he finally managed to move from the "1 crawl and then frog-legs"--to the "I can go across the room--look at me mommy!" stage.

I also had to go and buy 4 (yes--4!!) new car seats today since Liam is outgrowing his infant seat. Unlike the infant seat-convertible car seats don't let you buy one seat and multiple bases. So for every one of Liam's care givers--I had to buy a seat (Nanny, GiGi, me, and Josh.) Ugh. The lady at Babies R Us kept asking me if I wanted gift receipts- because what kind of person buys 4 car seats for themselves?!

Also, this weekend our Sunday School class had our family picnic. The weather was beautiful and we got a great pic of Liam and his little friend Whit (2 weeks his senior) going tandem on the baby swing! It was Liam's first time to swing and he got a kick out of it!

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