Sunday, November 4, 2007

Diary of crazy working mommy

Okay--so I like to think I usually have it all pulled together nicely. In general, I feel I've achieved a pretty good balance in my life despite working full time and still having to travel on occasion. No--the house does not always look as nice as I'd like it and I'm terrible about keeping the blog and the baby book updated--but I feel like I get to spend plenty of time with Liam (not always as much time as I'd like with Josh but that's partly because of his job) and I love my job (and this is the first time in a long time--probably ever--that I can say that!) However, I still have my is a little evidence of that...

"What?" you think, "how can that be evidence of anything but how cute Chase and Liam look in their Halloween costumes?" Well, well my friend--the issue is that in this picture Liam is a chile pepper..great costume-but Liam was supposed to be a dragon! That's Chase's costume from last year that he's wearing!!

Yes--crazy mommy that I am--I realize half an hour into our traffic plagued 1 hour drive to Plano on Halloween night that Liam's sweet little dragon costume is still sitting in the kitchen! In my craze to get everything ready after flying in from LA that afternoon--I managed to walk out the door without it. At this point, it's way too late to turn around so I'm just stuck feeling sorry for myself and the fact that I've ruined my son's first Halloween. Overdramatic? Of course--after all Liam could care less if he's dressed up in some goofy costume--but it still upset me. Fortunately, the always thoughful Thompsons came to the rescue. They dug out Chase's costume from last year (gender neutral fortunately!) and let Liam borrow it. My heroes!

And Liam and Chase (a darling flamingo) had a great time-- so I was upset for nothing!

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GibbonsFam said...

What a cute little chili pepper!! and oh, my goodness Kristen, you should just be happy you had time to take him somewhere to celebrate Halloween!! I don't know how you do it!!! With your type of work I would just quit!! You are awesome!!